Monday, October 12, 2009

Tupper Lake!

The town of Tupper Lake is a favorite of mine, being a real honest-to-goodness town with industry and other real life grittiness. It's not just a pretty tourist destination, though it has that side also. I didn't take any pictures of the town, but the lake itself was far too beautiful for me to neglect the photos. As I passed from north to south through the town of Tupper Lake, the road ran along the lake itself at many points. Here's one of them. How would you like to live in a town with this view?:

And Tupper Lake once again, this time a little farther south:

Rocky little islands dotted the water in many places and were nicely accentuated by the autumn leaves:

A bigger island:

Red leaves, another island and colorful mountains on the other shore:

The road departs from the shoreline for a bit, but the scenery doesn't slow down:

Although it wasn't raining, there were still puffs of clouds clinging to the mountaintops like wisps of cotton:

The mountains began to increase in size as I headed south:

And just when I thought that Tupper Lake was far behind me, the road brought me once more to its shore:

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