Saturday, October 10, 2009

Still Traveling through the Adirondacks - A New Route

Returning from the farm to Albany, the roads were bordered nearly the whole distance with brightly colored trees. It is thrilling to see the colors and enjoy the autumnal aromas, but less than thrilling to think of winter's cold and snow which will arrive all too soon:

This is state land, part of the Adirondack Wilderness Park. If you were to park alongside the road and walk into those woods, you could walk for miles - to that mountain and beyond - before seeing any signs of human habitation. To my mind, that makes it all the more beautiful:

I took a new route home just to give me some fresh scenery. I traveled south on Route 30 through Tupper Lake and Long Lake, and then headed southeast on Route 28N:

I honestly don't remember where this was as there is water everywhere in the Adirondacks, but it sure is beautiful, especially in its autumn garb:

Two lane highways exploding with color, reminiscent of decades past:

Along Route 30 heading into the town of Tupper Lake:

Tupper Lake (the actual lake, that is) is quite large. Here's a small portion of it:

And more of the Tupper Lake shoreline:

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