Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Provincetown - Part 8, Sailin' O'er The Bay

After the concert, my duet partner and his husband (they were married in Provincetown 5 years ago, though they've actually been together for 20 years) asked me to join them on an afternoon cruise of Cape Cod Bay aboard a sailing vessel, the Bay Lady. I thought I'd be too tired, having been up before dawn, but then decided it might be a wonderful experience, an opportunity I might never have again. So I ran down to the wharf after the concert, purchased a ticket and boarded the Bay Lady with my friends.

The first order of business was the safety and emergency speech, similar to what one hears aboard an airplane:

We're still docked and preparing to set sail. And these are my two friends, Mark and Steve:

Beginning to unfurl the sails:

Once out upon the bay, we were free to find seats close to the rail where we had unfettered views. It turned sharply colder as we sailed on, and the crew passed out blankets to keep us warm:

Passing Provincetown, the Pilgrim Monument is unmistakable:

Having rushed from the concert, I was still wearing knickers and argyle knee socks. I'm sure glad they don't show in this picture:

Once we were sailing, I had plenty of questions about the sea birds which the captain was happy to answer:

Our handsome young deck hand, Seth - and behind him is the captain, Dave. That's Cape Cod on the horizon:

Beginning in late afternoon, the cruise was timed so that we could see the sunset from sea. As the sun dropped lower towards the horizon, the sky began to glow with rose and golden hues:

We sailed closer to Provincetown as the sunset intensified:

The sea was calm and lovely:

Having watched the sun rise over Cape Cod Bay that very morning, it was particularly thrilling to see the sun set with such vibrancy:

It was almost dark when we docked once again back at MacMillan Wharf in Provincetown. I'd be departing the following morning long before daylight. I'd had a busy and fulfilling day, so I grabbed a bite to eat and headed for bed :

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