Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Colored Leaves And Reflective Lakes

On my return trip from the farm last Monday, September 21, I noticed that a theme was evident in the scenes I was seeing and photographing. There were Adirondack lakes all along the route, each of them calm and reflecting the colored leaves of the surrounding trees. It was quite lovely and I decided to collect some of the pictures I took into one blog post.

The first, most northern lake I pass is Barnum Pond, whose waters actually come to within 4 feet of the road:
There were two Adirondack chairs on one of these jutting rocks where someone must have had a beautiful view and a peaceful rest:

Not much hardwood color along this shoreline but the reflected firs are striking:

The child in me found this shoreline particularly inviting. I wanted to explore it and to wade in the shallows, searching for minnows and crayfish:

A joyous scene of exuberant color, with both leaves and goldenrod:

On a calm day, every Adirondack scene becomes doubled when it's adjacent to a lake:

This is Church Pond, in the town of Brighton. There's an old fashioned country church nearby:

Color, color everywhere. You can see why I often find the drive between the farm and Albany so inspiring, and sometimes (not always), even restful:

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