Friday, September 11, 2009

A Mini Adventure At The Rest Area

No, not that rest area, silly! Because it was Labor Day weekend, the roads were jammed and the Adirondacks were full of tourists. The trail head parking areas were filled with cars which spilled over onto the shoulders of the roads. The place where I most often make my first stop to let the dogs out had a big tent pitched and a family cooking breakfast. So I got creative and found a new place to let the dogs run. It had a grassy path through the forest and appeared to go much farther into the wilderness than I was prepared to try. The dogs thought it was wonderful:

We had the warm September sun on our backs, the kind of sunshine which warms people right down to their souls. The only problem was that Seamus wanted to go hiking and not wait for the rest of us slow pokes:

Even little Winky and Wren trotted along through the grass. The warm sun seemed to fill them also with joy and with energy:

I called Seamus back to be with us. He was disappointed but didn't want to be left behind:

A small mountain towered over the scene and seemed to be watching over and guarding us:

My two little Chinese dogs, Winky and Wally, put their short little legs to work:

Wren finally had enough exercise and plopped her plump posterior down for a rest. She was happy, though, and is still sniffing the exciting new smells in this photo:

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