Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Adirondack Color Part 2

I thought I would begin with another shot of the Elvis statue welcoming one and all to the town of Saranac Lake. I should eat at the "Eat And Meet" one of these days. With a name like that and with a life sized Elvis to greet me, how could I go wrong?:

But now let's go on with the autumn photos of my drive through the Adirondacks on September 14. The photo below is, I'm fairly certain, the Whiteface Mountain of Winter Olympics fame. If you click to enlarge the picture, you may be able to see the structures at its peak. As for fall color, there isn't much in the trees in this photo, but the meadow in front of it is coloring nicely:

Reds and yellows were beginning to appear in the mountains above Keane. If the color doubles each week, it should be spectacular on my next drive to the farm:

You can feel a certain crispness and clarity to the air here now, even on warm sunny days. The raucous ravens and blue-jays are also harbingers of the changing season:

It's still all green here at a stretch of road between the Cascade Lakes and Keane Valley, I suppose because it's sheltered by the surrounding mountains:

I turned off the road just before it was time to get onto the limited access highway so the dogs could get out for a rest stop. It was beautiful, but the grass covered lane I drove on was perhaps a bit rougher than I should have attempted. Nevertheless, it went well:

I parked the car and let the dogs have their outing in the warm sun:

And then back on the road again, with these particularly rocky peaks directly ahead of us:

Recently cut hay fields are brown and the trees in the mountains are just beginning to color:

Route 73, with Marcy Air Field to the right and several of the high peaks dead ahead. When they say "air field" in the Adirondacks, they're not just kidding about the word "field.":

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