Monday, September 28, 2009

The Adirondacks Get Serious About Autumn - Part 1

Once again, it seemed as if the color I saw on my way home on Monday was much brighter than the color I saw headed north the day previous. Is that possible? Maybe it's because of the direction of the light, or because I'm rested and more inclined to notice the beauty. Judge for yourself, but these pictures will show you what I mean. Be sure to click on a couple of them to enlarge them. This first photo was taken alongside Route 458, just south of my farm:

Again on Route 458:

Still on Route 458, getting closer to the high peaks region:

Some trees just seem to be extra friendly, and these are some which did:

Reindeer moss (lichen), flowers and maple leaves at the roadside:

This mountain is taking on an apple red blush as it watches over a tamarack filled bog:

A fireworks of color above an Adirondack mountain stream:

Behind the wetlands and firs, the maples are in glorious color:

These trees were so red they almost looked artificial:

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