Friday, September 18, 2009

A Pit Stop For The Dogs As We Drive Through The Adirondacks

Another weekend drive north to the farm. It takes an hour and 45 minutes to reach the high peaks exit (#30) on the Northway. As soon as I'm off the limited access highway and traveling the two-lane roads through the mountains, I begin looking for a place to let the dogs out. My regular places were once again busy, and it certainly isn't fair for me to park near someone's campsite and unload 6 unleashed dogs to run around them, all sniffing, pooping, peeing and grabbing at any unprotected food. I could of course handle a couple at a time, but 6 dogs require some freedom and seclusion - and the Adirondacks is just the place to give them both.

At this scenic bend in the road, I found a dirt, pine needle covered lane leading steeply up the side of a forested mountain:

I pulled off the road and walked the pooches up the lane a bit:

Casey, being the veteran hiker she is, led the way up into the forest. She doesn't hear or see very well any more, but her instincts are good:

Seamus and Fergus quickly caught up with her. These 3 thought we were embarking on a long hike. Alas, I was soon to disappoint them:

Wally made a game attempt to catch up to the 3 hikers in the lead. Wren and Winky, as usual, stayed back at the car. The hiker wannabes were soon called back to the car and we drove the rest of the way to the farm:

We arrived at the farm and I got all 6 of the dogs settled comfortably in my little apartment. Well, I guess Seamus wasn't all that comfortable as he really doesn't fit on the doggy pillows I put on the floor. Well, we'd arrived safely at our destination and had several adventures ahead of us:

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