Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Farm In Autumn

When I arrived at the farm, I discovered that the siding was completely installed. This is the north side of the house. It sure looks better than before and also should be warmer this winter:

This is the newly sided front of the house, the west side, which views the nightly sunset and the neighbors' horses. A bonus to the siding job was getting my front shrubs trimmed:

The south side of the house with a big old cedar in the foreground:

I'd called the power company about my big maples which were threatening both the house and the power lines. Without any notification, they came out last week and took down one big tree trunk which had a rotten base and was particularly menacing. They took the small limbs and cleaned up nicely, leaving me the firewood:

A companion maple had begun to turn red:

That's my little apartment on the back of the house and that's Fergus standing on my bed looking out the window. Alas, giant Seamus is there also but, being black, is harder to see. That pile of firewood is very old and was carried up from the basement during renovations. There's an ancient coal/wood furnace down there which has been used in days past but is not really in good enough shape to be safe now:

Can you see the stripes in the hay field? The farmer who cut the hay spent several days last week spreading manure. Unfortunately, I haven't received a penny for my hay so will likely have someone else cut it next year:

New England Asters, apple trees and the farm house:

The south end of the barn and some old sheds:

A closer view of the south hay field:

An explosion of autumn wildflowers in a swath of uncut land between the lawn and the hay field:

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