Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Scenes From The Farm House Apartment

The dogs and I have been traveling north to the farm every Sunday morning and we generally arrive about 1:00. I walk the dogs and unpack whatever I've brought and then begin working, usually mowing the lawn or putting up the dog fence. I'm all moved into the apartment now, and the dogs are comfortable there. Here's some scenes from our last visit:

Wally barricades himself with chairs, possibly to avoid being bowled over by the two rowdy pups:

I bought cheap pillows to put on the floor for the dogs to sleep on. They're much less expensive than dog begs and pillow cases are washable. Here, Winky and Wren have just arrived and are making themselves at home:

Two bowls of food and two bowls of water so everyone's happy. Notice the two windows at the head of the bed. I can lie in bed and gaze at the stars:

The door farthest to the left is the bathroom entrance:

And this is the bathroom, complete with tub, shower and an old milk can I rescued from the barn:

I have curtains on the door to the mud room but didn't want to obscure the view out the main windows:

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