Sunday, September 13, 2009

Driving Home On Labor Day

I left the farm headed back home to Albany on Monday morning and a mile or two down the road crossed the bridge over the St. Regis River. But this time, since I'd left earlier than usual, I stopped to take a couple of pictures. The river was lovely and a couple of fly fishermen were fishing not too far from the bridge:

Here's a closer view of them:

Heading south toward home, we soon hit Route 30 in the Adirondacks, so I stopped to let the dogs out at Mountain Pond. There were campers because it was Labor Day weekend, so I drove farther around the side of the lake. Here, we had a great scenic view:

Wally, Wren and Winky find the area next to the lake to be a great sniffing adventure. I think that's because people had camped there and left lots of food smells behind:

Casey and Fergus scouted out a different area of the shoreline:

Back on the road again, we arrived at Barnum pond. Here, the background mountains had their heads in the clouds:

And in the town of Saranac Lake, I stopped to shoot a photo of the business district. Not far from where I was standing is a life size statue of Elvis overlooking the road from a second story balcony. One of these trips I'll stop to photograph him:

And in Raybrook, the "Tail O' The Pup" outdoor barbecue. They have a great kitchy look to them, but I suspected the prices would be high and food below standard. Internet reviews mostly confirmed my suspicions. Nevertheless, who could resist this giant lobster?:

I suppose I will stop here for a lunch one of these trips. I pass it twice a week and it would be a - well, "an experience" to eat there. Whether a good one or a bad one remains to be seen:

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