Monday, September 14, 2009

Gadzooks! Autumn Has Come To The Adirondacks

Labor Day weekend I noticed for the first time that trees were getting their autumn color here and there throughout the Adirondacks. It was most pronounced north of Paul Smith's on Sunday and by the time I drove home on Monday, the color was already spreading southward. It can't happen that fast, you say? Well, maybe. But it sure looked that way to me. Anyway, here's some of the color along the road:

Autumn asters and colored maple leaves:

The leaves of small trees and of trees in very shallow soil (or very wet soil) seem to turn color earliest:

Bursts of color exploding out of the green forest like fireworks:

Again, like fireworks bursting upwards from the ground:
And mixing in with other deciduous and coniferous trees:

Or peeking out shyly from the forest:

Many of the grasses are seeding colorfully and other small plants are changing along with the trees:

A proud beauty:

New England asters and white birch:

Even the roadside bogs have taken on a reddish hue:

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