Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Surprise In The Hay Field

You may recall the photos of my hay fields from the previous weekend's visit where I called them a 26 acre weed patch and lamented that they'd never been cut this year. Well, when I arrived this past weekend and began to walk the dogs (which I always do before letting them into the house), I was amazed to see everything mowed and all the hay removed. It was a beautiful sight. I asked a local guy what on earth they'd do with hay containing so many weeds and he told me they use for silage. Well, I'm glad that it'll be fed to someone's cattle and my hay fields are very much improved for the day when I'll have cattle there.

Here, Seamus is making his run around the end of the barn and discovering the south field is no longer an impenetrable weed patch:

I was happy and amazed to see the south field mowed, so turned around and looked at the north field, lying just across Denton Road, a small gravel road alongside my barn. It too had been mowed:
"Hey, look Dad. Someone stole all our weeds and wildflowers.":

In this photo, you can see the lawn to the left, the south hay field to the right, and an unmowed patch between them for comparison:

We walked across Denton Road to get a closer look at the north field. Well, we all walked except for Fergus, who ran in circles with his ears flapping. And except for Wren and Winky, who didn't want to walk that far:

The view across Denton Road into the north field. Notice the big sky. Montana, eat your heart out:

The farmer who cut the hay left a few bales from last year but did put them next to the road so they'd be accessible and out of his way:

And, as at nearly all times, Fergus and Seamus found this a good time to run and to wrestle:

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