Sunday, September 20, 2009

How A Visit To A Neighbor Became An Adventure

On Sunday afternoon up at the farm, I decided to make an attempt at visiting the local man who raised Irish Dexter cattle. I'd driven to his farm several times before but never found him at home. So I left the dogs in the farm apartment and headed west. He lives way off the main road at the end of a dirt lane. As I headed down the narrow dirt lane with trees right up to its edges, a small flock of turkeys crossed the road in front of me. It appeared to me to consist of mixed ages, presumably a family with almost grown poults:

I got a photo of the turkeys and had just set the camera back on the car seat when a deer ran in front of the car. I grabbed the camera again to get a snapshot of her, but was too late. So I began to set down the camera when yet another doe ran in front of the car. I thought I'd captured her, but if she's in this photo, I sure can't find her now. Can you?

Well, I figured that my trip was off to an interesting start. I started down the road again but only got a short way when I encountered this small herd of calves milling about. They were having a grand time, running back and forth across the road, slipping under the fence on one side and into the woods on the other side:

The three black calves on the road appear to be Irish Dexters, the breed in which I am interested:

And the Dexters, true to form, were especially curious and drawn to people:

Well, I got safely past the calves when what should appear but a rather large white sow, grazing happily alongside the road:

She wasn't bothered by me and just went about her business. Hello, Miss Piggy:

I arrived at the farm and found no humans at home, though his Blue Heeler dogs were out to greet me. So I turned around to return home and once again encountered the playful, mischievous calves and sow:

These three, I believe, are Irish Dexters, the brown one's color variation being called dun. I never got to talk to the farmer, but the trip sure turned out to be interesting. The black heifer closest to my car seemed particularly friendly:

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