Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mt. Frissell, Part 2

I had more photos from the hike to Mount Frissell so am posting the second half here. They are more or less in chronological sequence, so these hopefully will represent the second half of the hike. You may notice the look of fatigue on the dogs faces. If there were pictures of me, you'd notice my crippled hobbling.

Here's Fergus saying, "Can't we go any faster?":

And Seamus is saying, "Did we just come from way up there?":

"We're going that way!" "No, we're going that way!":

"I think of myself as the canine Tarzan of the mountaintops":

Here, we're headed back up to the top of Round Mountain. The dogs are ahead of me and probably wondering why I'm hobbling:

Birches, oaks and scenery:

Seamus lags behind. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes he stops to check out a really interesting smell:

Distant lake and mountains:

"I'm tired, Dad. I need to rest.":

"I don't need a rest. Let's run and play:"

The top of Round Mountain:

Seamus couldn't decide whether to go over or under the log. Finally, after Fergus and I had gone well past the log, Seamus decided to hop over it. I suppose he'll get this all figured out with more hiking experience:

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