Friday, September 25, 2009

Autumn Color On The Drive North Through The Adirondacks

Virginia Creeper vines have turned beautifully red alongside the road. This scene was not, however, in the Adirondacks but on the highway exit in the Albany area near my home. I couldn't resist taking a photo of it:

As I drove up the Northway and entered the Adirondack region, I began to see some nice autumn color on both sides of the highway:

And once I was off the limited access highway and driving through the high peaks region, I could see a red blush appearing on and spreading across many mountainsides:

This horse pasture had a rapidly coloring pair of mountains as a backdrop:

It's easier to see the color if you click on these photos to enlarge them. This scene was on Route 73 near Keane, New York:

And in Brighton, New York, a scene of farm fields and red colored mountains:

The farm fields were sometimes as colorful as the mountainsides:

Alongside the road:

And in the town of Raybrook, Rosa rugosa displays orange rose hips and a couple of flowers beneath the tall pines. The cabin in the background is available as a vacation rental:

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