Saturday, September 26, 2009

Doggy Rest Stops

With 6 dogs, a small car and a 4 hour drive, I have to allow for rest stops every now and then. Luckily, the Adirondacks is (are?) full of places to pull off the road and explore nature. I've developed a few favorite places to stop and one of them is the cemetery in Brighton. I turn off the highway and drive down a slight incline with this view out my car window:

I've never seen another person in the cemetery and yet it's immaculately clean and groomed. And, of course, the view is perhaps the best in the high peaks. Here's Casey and Seamus just out of the car and enjoying a romp:
I can't tell for sure, not even after clicking to enlarge the photo, but I think that's one of the dogs down there among the gravestones. Also, you can see what I mean about scenery:

Wally and Seamus enjoying the sun. Alas, this spot will not be available after the snow season begins:

Casey, Wally and Seamus:

And crabby little Winky, he of the giant sized personality:

After my blog post about tall garden phlox, a friend dug some up and gave me a clump to plant up at the farm. So I traveled with 6 dogs and a clump of 4-5 foot flowering phlox. The car smelled wonderful, somewhat like a florist's shop - and that's a big improvement from how it usually smells with 6 dogs inside. This is us, still at the cemetery, dogs and phlox, loading back up to continue on our way:

I'd planned to plant the phlox alongside the dog fence at the farm but discovered that there was little soil there, but only crushed stone from the installation of the driveway. So I hatched a new plan. I put them in the middle of the lawn where the power pole guide wire is anchored. I figure they'll be less likely to be accidentally mowed down there. Also, I got to tie them to the wire so they stand upright:

And while we're at the farm, the big old Northern White Cedar notched into my porch and only a foot or so from the house is dropping these little cones, each bunch connected to a leafy fan. They're really quite intricate and beautiful, even if I do have to keep sweeping them off the porch:

And one last rest stop photo, this one from the trip home again on Monday. Here, Seamus and I walk a path through a wooded area. The other dogs are there somewhere. I can see Casey's tail in the background:

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