Saturday, September 5, 2009

Alander Mountain, Part 2


Fergus takes in the views:

Lots of lowbush blueberries on Alander Mountain, but we were too late in the year to find any ripe berries:

Seamus near the peak:

Fergus is still rarin' to go. We passed 3 other dogs who were wearing backpacks while on this hike. My first inclination was to get some for Seamus, the big lug. But really, Fergus is the one with the grand excess of energy. Maybe he'll be carrying packs the next time you see him in hiking photos:

I relaxed on a flat rock and beheld this view:

And also this one:

Fergus strikes a pose:
Both dogs thought it was a great place to wrestle and play:

Seamus took a rest:

That strip of rock behind Fergus is the hiking trail, not that he feels constrained to stay on it:

At the top of that rise is the official altitude marker. For Fergus, it's a giant playground:

And Seamus takes a rest:

"C'mon, Seamus, let's play!":

"No thank you, Fergus, I'd rather relax and rejuvenate for the hike back to the car":

"O.K., then. I'll go off and run around by myself. And by the way, put that big ol' tongue back in your mouth.":

"OK, Seamus, maybe we'd better rest together. It's a long way back to the car.":

One last scenic overlook before beginning the long return hike:

Both Fergus and Seamus lead the way back to the car. When we got there, they slept the whole way home:

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