Monday, September 21, 2009

The Adirondack Color Continues To Spread

Well, you know this isn't my photo - not unless I've been flying around in a space ship. Actually, it's a satellite photo taken several years ago at the peak of the autumn color. I like it because it so clearly shows the shape of the Adirondack park:

Now, back to the local color which I saw driving home from the farm last weekend. I estimate that the color was roughly double that of the week before. Wetlands seem to produce brilliant early colors:

And it's not just trees, but also ferns and grasses which are changing into their autumn attire:

These trees were just off the road along the edge of a small ravine:

This lovely scene was, I'm sorry to report, right next to a former dump:

A small flock of turkeys in a hayfield, a true autumn scene:

Along route 458 in the northern Adirondacks:

Approaching the high peaks region:

And now we're in the high peaks region. That color along the roadside is the result of seeding grasses:

And in the town of Saranac Lake, the life sized Elvis statue I told you about. He's advertising a local cafe, the "Eat And Meet.":

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