Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Farm In Early September

I arrived at the farm and quickly noticed many signs that Autumn was on the doorstep. It was still warm, sunny and lovely - but the apples are ripe, some trees are turning red and the crickets and bluejays are in full autumn voice. I saw multitudes of yellow butterflies and white butterflies but only one held still long enough to get a photo. This was a Clouded Sulfur, Colias philodice. I'm guessing that all the activity was a last minute mating frenzy which should, I'd presume, result in lots more butterflies next year:

On the highway almost to the farm, descending from the Adirondack mountains, I saw this scene of red leaves and the deep hollow which contains the St. Lawrence Seaway. That means the blue highlands in the distance are in Canada:

At the farm, the dogs sniff around and make sure all passes inspection. Notice that the two pups, Seamus and Fergus, are not shown. They've run farther toward the barn and circled around a moment after the picture was snapped:

Just south of the barn, these burdock plants are 6 to 7 feet tall:

Here's Seamus. Now where is Fergus? Oh, I think I see him now way over near the house. You can see how difficult it can be to keep track of 6 dogs all going their own directions:

The house is about 2/3 sided. The new insulation and siding will help greatly this winter:

And on the north side, the siding is coming well:

I walked with 4 of the dogs into the north field and discovered this huge pile of cable, about 1" in diameter. That must surely have damaged the farmer's mowing equipment. I worried about it but couldn't think of how I might remove it since I have no tractor:

But then an idea occurred to me. I drove my little car across the newly mowed field and backed up to the pile of cable. I tied the cable to the back of the car with a dog leash and dragged it back across the field to the barn. What to do with it now is another story:

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