Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Farm In July

I'd had a long and busy Sunday, driving through the Adirondacks to get to the farm and then visiting the Hopkinton town museum. I tended to the dogs when I got back to the farm and then strolled around the yard to see what was growing. This patch of Day Lilies (I think) has odd leaves and has never bloomed before. This year, probably because the Maples have been cut down, it is covered with buds. But I knew I wouldn't be back for two weeks. Would I ever get to see them bloom? Were they some heritage variety? Well, I'd just have to check on them again on my next visit:

The wondrously named Butter-And-Eggs was blooming in with the Day Lilies. And what's that orange flower? Oddly, I didn't notice it when I snapped the photo and cannot now see enough details to figure out what it may have been:

One of the old Rugosa Roses which had lain dormant for so many years beneath the Maples had sprung to life and was blooming nicely:

The dogs watched me from their fenced yard:

The tenants and their friends had picked many quarts of raspberries from my thornless canes, but I still found a few berries to satisfy me:

The barn was looking marvelous and I noticed that the contractor had moved a lift into place. Could he finally be preparing to resume work on the roof?:

The contractor and one worker arrived the next day and began scraping, nailing and re-coating the east side of the barn roof:

There was still a pile of dirt near the septic tank which I'd never gotten spread and it had become a sort of wildflower patch in the middle of the yard with plenty of Queen Anne's Lace:

I saw what I at first thought was Spotted Knapweed growing on the mound, but then realized it was Canada Thistle:

And what must have been Red Clover, though I didn't notice the characteristic pale triangles on its leaves:

And lots of Black-Eyed Susans:

My Tall Garden Phlox were just beginning to bloom over by the apple trees. It was a lovely summer weekend up at the farm and I wanted to take some sort of hike the next day. But I'll post about that tomorrow:

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