Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cranberry Lake, New York On - - - Well, On Cranberry Lake

I left Newton Falls, returning to Route 3, and then headed east on my way back to the farm. But I passed through the hamlet of Cranberry Lake on my way and decided to take some pictures:

Like Newton Falls (yesterday's post), Cranberry Lake is a hamlet in the town of Clifton. But Cranberry Lake had the good fortune to be located right on Route 3 as well as on the shores of beautiful Cranberry Lake. It has, therefore, become a tourist destination and a place with lovely waterfront homes and camps:

It was common to see boats in this lakefront village:

And the Lakeside General Store was booming:

I noted this sign made all of birch logs and birch bark. Now, that's real Adirondack styling:

I imagine this home in Cranberry Lake will, because of its location, command a much steeper price than the home in Newton Falls about which I posted yesterday:

There was an old fashioned motel:

And the Stone Manor Diner:

There was a public beach on Cranberry Lake:

And flowers blooming everywhere:

This lovely church sat right on the lake:

And it was evident that folks with money had found Cranberry Lake a nice vacation or retirement destination. Sadly, I'd just come from Newton Falls whose fate had not been so good and whose future did not look so rosy. But I was on my way back to the farm where old Wally and Winky were undoubtedly snoozing and would want to go outside as soon as I arrived. So I said goodbye to Cranberry Lake and headed homeward:

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