Sunday, August 19, 2012

Part 2 - Owl's Head Quilts

I'd made a purchase at the Owl's Head Quilt and Gift store in Keene, and then asked if I could take pictures for my blog (see yesterday's post). This is a continuation of my photo tour of the store. They had a whole section of quilts for babies:

And pink teddy bears:

And blue teddy bears:

And quilted teddy bears:

Braided rugs and mats:

Adirondack soaps:

Outside were Adirondack themed furniture, throws, weather vanes and a giant stuffed moose:

Adirondack bentwood rockers and pack baskets:

Throw pillows with such Adirondack images as bears, loons, pines and dragonflies:

And Adirondack chairs galore:

Locally produced jams and jellies:

Maple syrup and Adirondack soaps:

This chair, presumably made from a gnarled tree root, was certainly a one of a kind. But I'd made my purchase and taken a photo tour. The dogs waited anxiously in the car and were barking for me to hurry up. So I said good bye to the owner and continued on my journey home. And if you'd like to see more, the website for both Owl's Head stores is here:

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