Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scenic Vistas At Owl's Head, New York - Part 2

I'd hiked in to Debar Pond with my four youngest dogs and was on my way to another hike, but first I was touring the scenic little town of Owls Head, New York. There were houses which needed painting:

And houses which were all fixed up. This one also looked like it used to be the town's general store:

Owls Head had its own Post Office. This is where I stopped and asked for directions once when I got lost and found myself here:

Comfortable looking homes with screened porches:

Older homes:

And extremely older homes:

And I couldn't begin to tell you what this house was all about. It had statues of horses and dogs and deer and butterflies, all in addition to religious statues and Santa Claus:

This place looked very old:

And this place looked family friendly:

I suspected that this was an old farm house. In fact, most of Owls Head consisted of large, flat farm fields surrounded by mountains. But there was no farming of any kind in evidence any more:

This will give you an idea of the scenery behind the homes - broad fields leading to Adirondack mountains:

And on my way out of town I passed the Trailside Bar and Restaurant, clearly a popular hangout for local folks. It had elk antlers over the front door and I kind of wished I could have stopped in. But I had dogs in the car with me and at least one more hike to take. So I kept driving. But I'll post about that tomorrow:

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