Saturday, August 25, 2012

Some Of My Farm Neighbors are Miniatures

I was driving home from the Hopkinton Summer Festival and passed a neighbor who had two miniature horses out  next to the road. I'd seen them before as well as a variety of full sized horses, llamas and pigs, but had never met the woman who lives there. This time I stopped, knocked on the door and introduced myself. She was delighted to walk me down to the road and introduce me to her two tiny equines:

They were in a small pen which she simply moved every now and then to give them access to fresh grass. She didn't need to mow the lawn along the road:

The horses were quite friendly and I, of course, was wondering if I might have a few myself one day when I retire:

Notice the green grass in the pen? It wasn't there in the first shot. The woman simply picked up one section of the fence at a time and shifted it along the road, exposing fresh greens. The above photo shows a distinct brown/green line and the woman in the process of moving the pen:

She said she had other miniatures and we walked to the pasture fence where she called for a little mare named Classy. Classy, she told me, was elderly but friendly, healthy and productive:

And by productive, she meant that she produced a steady stream of colts. Indeed, a little one followed her over to the fence:

The cold was a bit skittish and afraid to come too close to the fence.

I was told that although the colt should have been weaned by now, the mare still let her nurse:

And as we talked, a wagon full of people and pulled by two of the most spectacular horses I'd ever seen passed by on the county road. They too, I was told, were neighbors and everyone waved. I thanked my host and continued on my way back to my own place where my dogs were waiting for me:

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