Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Hopkinton Museum, Part 1

I arrived at the farm about 2:00, much later than I'd planned. The reason for our tardiness was the extra-long rest stop at the former Frontier Town (see previous posts). But I'd been planning to visit the Hopkinton town museum for a long time and it was only open 3 hours per week, two months per year. So it was open 1:00 to 3:00 that day and I'd have to hurry, hurry, hurry to get there. I got the dogs comfortable and arrived at the museum on the village green at 2:35:

A man greeted me and assured me I he'd stay open as long as I wanted. He offered me a typewritten information sheet but I didn't have eyeglasses with me so I declined. I began my tour upstairs in the old schoolroom:

An old toy pedal-tractor still had its Christmas bow. Boy, did that bring back memories!:

The museum covered many eras in the town's history, but the house and bedroom were typical of the 1800s:

This ancient piano was recently tuned and one of only two of its type on public display:

The parlor was friendly and inviting:

Other rooms were mixtures of time periods, with many varied exhibits:

A cloth-faced granny rocked in the kitchen:

An old kitchen wood burner like the one at my grandmother's cabin on which we used to cook pancakes:

There were lots of old dolls, beloved relics which, I imagine, were donated to the museum when old women passed away, women who had kept their beloved dolls for a lifetime:

There was a quilt depicting various scenes from the town's past, apparently put together on the occasion of the town's 200th anniversary:

More old dolls from assorted eras and an old dress in perfect condition. I was trying to hurry my way through the exhibits so that I could finish by closing time. I'll post more tomorrow:

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