Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Historic, Rural Hopkinton, New York - Part 2

I was taking a driving tour of Hopkinton (see also yesterday's post) and stopped by this farm house with a loader parked out front:

And this rather elegant old house sitting politely beneath what appeared to be Blue Spruces:

An even older farm house along the highway with an even older tractor/loader parked out front:

And corn fields everywhere except for where there were hay fields, houses or forests:

Another charming old house comfortably situated beneath old Maples:

And blue-blue-blue-blue-blue Chicory alongside the roads with corn fields and sky as a backdrop:

An especially nice farm house and barn:

And Numed, Inc. I had no idea whatever what that was, so I looked it up when I got home. They develop and manufacture pediatric cardiovascular products for the tiniest of heart patients - and for adults as well. If you'd like to know more, their website is here:

Hopkinton offers what I'd consider the best in country living. This charming old farm house, for instance:

And what must have been a home with children, for they had a trampoline out front:

A front porch whose view was nearly obscured by the Spruces:

And I ended my driving tour by returning to the village green where they had a sign proclaiming their 200th anniversary. It was apparently erected in 2002 since it also said the town was established in 1802. But I had six dogs waiting for me back at the farm, not to mention that I wanted dinner. So this ended my driving tour of the town of Hopkinton, New York:


  1. Thank you for these pictures! I grew up in Hopkinton, spent most of my life running around this old town and only recently moved. I'm almost homesick looking at these, especially the photos of the cemetery, you got a good one of my family's graves there. The stories I could tell! Thank you, so very much, for this little glimpse of home.

    1. I am finding Hopkinton to be a friendly and comfortable place, with close access to Adirondack hiking trails and lots of agriculture and civilized people. I expect that I, too, will be buried there some day.