Monday, August 6, 2012

Historic, Rural Hopkinton, New York - Part 1

I'd arrived at the farm about 2:00 on a Sunday afternoon, got the dogs settled and comfortable, and then taken a tour of the Hopkinton town museum (see previous posts). It was then about 3:30 and I decided to get some photos of the town of Hopkinton - as the sign says, "A nice place to come home to."

Directly across the road from the village green and the museum was this wood shingled home with its colorful display of old fashioned Day Lilies:

And an old farm house on the windswept plain:

A friendly family residence with more Day Lilies:

A cheerful blue home:

And Lamphere's convenience store on Route 11B, the town's primary place to meet and greet one's neighbors. It used to be called Greg And Molly's, but they apparently grew weary of the long hours and sold the business:

There are lots of family farms in Hopkinton, both large and small:

This, I believe, would qualify as one of the larger farms:

A home beneath a tall Spruce with a view of Canada from its back yard:

And the Holy Cross Roman Catholic church:

Miller Farms Adirondack Harvest which, in contrast to to its title and vegetable signs, seems to primarily sell ornamental perennials:

And, of course, Wilber's Hardware Store, that venerable purveyor of nearly everything you might need to keep your home and farm running. But I was just getting warmed up in my driving tour. I'll post more tomorrow:

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  1. I would love to retire out in the country. Fishing galore. Great pics by the way. :)