Friday, August 24, 2012

Hopkinton Summer Festival, Part 2

I had arrived at the farm on a Sunday afternoon just in time for the final day of Hopkinton's Summer Festival and tractor pull. The actual competition had not yet begun so I walked around looking at the tractors and the people:

There was a corn field adjacent to the tractor pull field and more tractors were arriving by the minute:

Folks shot the breeze with their neighbors:

And did last minute check-ups and repairs to their tractors:

Those who would be competing waited for the big event along with the hundreds of spectators:

Old friends enjoyed a day off from work and a chance to exchange gossip:

More tractors, more farmers anxious for the tractor pull to begin:

I guess this was the rural version of a souped up hot-rod:

But it was exceedingly hot and I was becoming alarmingly dehydrated. So I decided I'd have to forgo the tractor pull and began making my way through the crowds as I headed back to my car:

I did, however, stop at the town green where a country-western band was singing for another crowd of people:

There were lots of food booths along the green but it appeared that most of the eating was over with. Folks were by then digesting their food and listening to the band:

And the band was good. I took a video so that you could hear it too, but lost it somehow while downloading. Alas, that was the end of my Hopkinton Summer Festival experience. I drove back to the farm where I had dogs anxiously waiting for me. I very much needed to drink some water and settle in for the night. I met another of my neighbors on my way back to the farm, but I'll post about that tomorrow:

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