Monday, August 13, 2012

Spectacular Wanakena, New York - Part 2

I'd just finished hiking up to the Cathedral Rock fire tower with my four youngest dogs and was taking a driving tour of nearby Wanakena, New York. By the way, they really are a "gateway to the wilderness." They aren't kidding. I once launched a canoe from Wanakena on a week long wilderness adventure on the Oswegatchie River:

The houses in Wanakena were quite nice, and everywhere was evidence, besides the obvious trees, that this was a community secluded in the middle of the Cranberry Lake Wild Forest:

There was a public beach on the shore of the Oswegatchie and I stopped and got out of the car to snap a photo or two:

A mother, two children and a Jack Russell Terrier were enjoying the public beach (notice one of the children to the right) and I could see the famous 171 foot suspension foot bridge (built in 1908) just downstream (or was that upstream?):

The Jack Russell Terrier saw my car full of dogs and started barking furiously. My dogs didn't bark much, probably because they knew I forbid hysterical barking fits and was within striking distance, but they sure were interested:

The only church in town was the historic Western Adirondack Presbyterian, and they were having a fund drive for money to maintain their notable historic building:

As I drove through town I continued noticing that nearly every porch was screened. As I said in yesterday's post, this is serious Black Fly and Deer Fly country. As Seamus and I found out on the Wolf Pond loop trail, those insects are nothing to trifle with:

A giant old White Pine, Adirondack themed shutters and trim, a flag with yet another screened porch:

A very nice place under the Spruces with Adirondack chairs on an non-screened porch. I'll bet they weren't sitting there in June:

Adirondack twig art and more screening:

Ferns, trees and, of course, a screened porch:

This idyllic setting was the last house I saw before I turned on the road toward the Wanakena Ranger School. But I'll post about that tomorrow:

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