Friday, August 3, 2012

Chapter 3 - Frontier Town And The Schroon River

Yes indeed, this is Chapter 3 of a simple rest stop. That's because it had turned into the longest, most varied and interesting rest stop ever. The dogs and I were exploring the natural beauty and old buildings of the former Frontier Town (see the previous two posts also):

After we'd all walked the "streets" and looked inside the old log buildings back in the forest, we walked back toward the old west storefronts where I'd parked:

Wild Thyme was fragrant and blooming everywhere we walked. I easily coaxed Fergus to sit and smile for the camera in the midst of all those purple blossoms:

I even got a happy smile from crabby old Winky as he waddled through the wildflowers:

But even though we'd begun this adventure at the Schroon River, only the Papillons had been sufficiently agile to get a drink of water. And it was hot that morning. So I packed the dogs back into the car and drove to the sandy beach on the Boreas River, still on the Frontier Town property. Seamus went in immediately:

Fergus, Daphne and Clover all took long drinks:

Even blind old Wally made it down to the shoreline for a refreshing drink while Seamus moved farther and farther out into the river:

And then, wonder of wonders, Fergus the "Nervous Nelly" waded out to give the water a try. I didn't say a word. I just let him experiment at his own pace. Daphne got her toes wet, apparently giving some consideration to following his example:

And then perhaps a wild, vicious minnow or something spooked Fergus, sending him flying out of the water and startling Daphne. But it was all good fun and they played afterwards:

The problem was that Winky refused to go down to the riverbank. He was tired and, I think, confused. He was also very hot. So we left Frontier Town and traveled up Blue Ridge Road to the Boreas River, which was easier for him to get to:

There were twenty or thirty motorcycles parked there, so before I let the dogs out, I walked down to where the cyclists were resting by the river and explained that my dogs were friendly and, though I'd walk to a different place on the river, the pooches might run over to say "Howdy." The cyclists were all friendly and agreeable. So the dogs and I enjoyed a cooling dip in the Boreas, much smaller here atop the mountain than it was down at Frontier Town:

Just as I'd predicted, Seamus, Daphne and Clover heard voices and ran over to the cyclists to make their acquaintances and get some attention. Fergus was too afraid to go with them and old Wally and Winky were oblivious to the whole thing. I finally got all the dogs back into the car - except Winky. He required much coaxing and patience, finally waddling his way up the path. After that, we continued on our way to the farm:

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