Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scenic Vistas At Owl's Head, New York, Part 1

I'd just hiked to Debar Pond with my four youngest dogs but it was still morning and I have several other nearby hikes in mind on that hot Monday. The first was called Cooling Ponds Trail, located just south of the tiny village of Owls Head, New York. So I first drove to Owls Head and took a few photos. It was a lovely, tiny village surrounded by Adirondacks:

I passed by an old, abandoned house:

And a general store, now closed and up for sale. Anyone care to own and run such a business?

I passed the woodsy home of Bob Shelley, comic and magician. There were bright red Bee Balms blooming out front. I've since looked up his website. If you're interested, you can find it here:

And then I entered the village of Owls Head. They had a church:

And some nice homes:

But mostly I was struck by the scenery, which was largely flat fields surrounded by Adirondack mountains. I guessed that this rocky crag was called Owls Head and the source of the village's name. But that was only a guess:

Many homes displayed American flags and chainsaw carved bears:

And Owls Head looked like a pleasant place to live:

This man had laid up river stones all over the lower half of his house and porch. It had surely been a lot of work and the results were impressive:

More homes, more flags:

And apparently children lived here. I'll post more about Owls Head tomorrow:

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