Monday, August 20, 2012

Part 1, Another Exciting Frontier Town Adventure

Another Sunday morning dawned and I was making another trip up to the farm. I stopped again at the now abandoned Frontier Town, which has become the best rest stop ever with its old villages hidden in the forest and the sandy beach along the Schroon River. But I figured we'd seen it all, so this time I planned to investigate the main building, which was probably a hotel and restaurant in its heyday. I drove around the building but changed my mind. Without illegal breaking and entering, there just wasn't much to see:

So I drove back into the forest to the site of the old town and its many buildings:

Right behind the old west store fronts were bleachers. We'd never checked them out, so that's where we headed this time:

The young dogs ran ahead, but old Wally and Winky were very slow and seemed to be having trouble. Wally is nearly blind but has always followed the sound of my voice. On this day, though, I could tell he heard me and wanted to follow, but seemed to be having difficulty telling from which direction the sound came:

So I slowed down and encouraged Wally and Winky, leaving the younger dogs to run around and investigate:

When I decided to walk up the ramp into the bleachers, I picked Wally up and carried him. Winky didn't want to go at all, so I left him behind:

We checked everything out and decided that this had been the scene of rodeos and wild west shows. We had to be careful of stepping on rotten boards:

Independent little Daphne had declined not to go up the ramp with us and then became distraught when she saw us up above her:

Off in the brush was what appeared to have been a refreshment stand and/or ticket booth. I carried Wally back down the ramp and called Winky, but he was nowhere to be found. I hollered his name and searched everywhere but couldn't find him. Becoming more panicked by the minute, I even loaded the other dogs back into the car and drove all around the property searching for Winky. Finally I parked near where we'd begun and walked into a field of tall grass where I didn't figure he could have gone. And there we found him, a very happy old dog who had no doubt been rather frightened when he couldn't find us:

I drove back behind the buildings and parked the car beneath a tall, spreading White Pine for shade. I left Winky and Wally snoozing there (they were both exhausted), and continued my exploration with the four youngsters:

I checked out the old refreshment stand/ticket booth

And some old west style store fronts. But we were just getting started. I'll post more tomorrow:

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