Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Part 2, Another exciting Frontier Town Adventure

With old Wally and Winky sleeping in the car parked in the shade of a White Pine, the four younger dogs and I continued investigating this area of Frontier Town we'd just discovered:

A lane took us back into the forest past a gazebo:

Past the announcer's booth for the rodeo exhibition ring:

And..............hey, what was this old building?:

Inside, we found belts and pulleys and all manner of marvelous devices. This had been an old sawmill:

This must surely have been a noisy, bustling and exciting operation in its day:

In fact, there was still a log on the assembly line where it has been for over a decade since Frontier Town had shut down:

And then I saw another building off in the trees with a sluice-way leading from its second floor. A gristmill, perhaps?:

I walked around to the front of it to investigate. The steps were so decrepit and dangerous that I had to be very careful, but I went inside for a look:

This had been a water powered something-or-other:

There was an old, broken millstone:

And a line of grinding wheels. Did Frontier Town employees in period garb sit here and sharpen farm implements for the tourists? Well, I was discovering parts of Frontier Town that I hadn't known existed and were set back so far into the forest that I imagined few people see any more. But I'll post more tomorrow:

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