Sunday, July 1, 2012

Farm Photos From The Memorial Day Weekend

I returned home from hiking the Wolf Lake Loop Trail and got the dogs comfortable. Then I took my camera and walked out to the south hay field to see what was blooming. Mostly I had lots of Buttercups and Ragged Robin, though there was some Cow Vetch and other flowers scattered throughout. The yellow and pink made for a nice picture:

A bumblebee collected nectar from Ragged Robin flowers, and the whole scene was pleasant and calming:

My newly sided barn was looking good nearby:

I walked to the gardens around the house and was surprised to find a pink Columbine in bloom. I knew the former owners had grown them because I'd found a tin of home grown seeds in the kitchen. But I've never seen one growing on the property until now. I was happy to see it:

And the Mock Orange, which had previously been chopped down to the ground, was rebounding nicely and just coming into bloom:

The Bleeding Hearts were blooming beside the pond and the strawberries had already formed, looking like they were going to be tasty:

Inside my farm apartment, the dogs all snoozed comfortably:

Clover, Daphne and Fergus hopped right up on the bed but the other dogs used the floor pillows:

Just out the side door, purple and yellow Iris was blooming:

And they were quite lovely:

These pale yellow Iris looked good next to the weather beaten old beams used as edging:

Old fashioned Spirea was blooming in front of the house. Yes, everything was feeling comfortable, healthy and welcoming. But I'd have to leave for home the next morning so it was all just a visit for me. Some day I'll retire and live there permanently:

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