Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another Delightful Small Town - Russell, New York

I'd hiked the Wolf Lake Loop Trail with my four younger dogs in the morning and was on my way back to the farm. We'd passed through the town of Edwards and some lovely farmland on our way. Then we crossed over the Raquette River and into the town of Russell, New York:

Russell is small and rural. There was a white clapboard church up on a hill:

And a surprisingly large and impressive municipal building:

A fire department:

And a highway department with what appeared to be old Army trucks parked in front:

Another white church with a nice steeple:

And a small town park with a gazebo:

But my favorite part of Russell was the farm fields just outside of the village. As I've said before, this is real hay country:

And cattle country, cattle who are grass fed, healthy and contented:

Hay fields as far as the eye can see with attractive old farmsteads nestled beneath Maple trees:

More cattle and an old farm house:

I took the wrong road out of Russell, but I had a map and was enjoying touring the country. I passed through a tiny hamlet called Pyrites (pie-RIGHT-eeze) and turned onto Pink Schoolhouse Road. I was particularly taken with this picturesque country church, situated comfortably in the trees and with old fashioned Spirea in bloom:

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