Thursday, June 14, 2012

Madawaska Pond, Part 2

The dogs and I were exploring the trail at Madawaska Pond and had stopped at a beaver canal, dug by beavers (how ever do they accomplish that?!?), by which they drag logs into the pond:

And then we walked into a clearing adjacent to the main body of water. I heard what I thought was the roar of bulldozers and went to investigate:

And right up to the shoreline which consisted mostly of giant, lichen covered rocks:

Little Daphne got a drink of water and lots of play time around the edge of the pond:

Seamus was posing for a photo when I saw, right behind him, the dam which had created Madawaska Pond:

We walked over to the dam and discovered that it was built of old logs and earth. The roaring sound which I'd thought might be bulldozers turned out to be the water cascading over the dam, the sound echoing through the trees:

Madawaska Pond, I later read, was formed by damming up Quebec Brook. On the downside of the pond, Quebec Brook continued on in all its wild, serene beauty:

And then we turned around and began making our way back the way we'd come, aiming for the trail head:

Tiny white violets bloomed all along the trail:

We went through a section of deciduous forest:

And then back to coniferous forest as we skirted Madawaska Pond:

"I'm having fun, Dad. Can we go in the mud again, please?":


  1. looks like someone is going to need a bath! That is just awesome!

  2. My family and I used to own a 2 story log cabin right on that very spillway in the trees overlooking the pond where you were standing to take those pictures, and I used to fish off the rock where the dogs were drinking. I was very happy and sad to find this blog, I'm 21 years old now but 12-15 years ago I used to run rampand through that clearing.