Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Driving Home From The Farm

Well, it'd certainly been a wonderful visit up to the farm. The four younger dogs and I had hiked along at Madawaska Pond and up to the summit of Coney Mountain near Tupper Lake. I chose to begin the journey home along Route 458 and enjoy its wonderful views. As you can see, Daphne enjoyed them also. Notice her reflection in the rear view mirror:

When we got as far as Mountain Pond, I turned down the little access road and headed toward the water's edge. It was raining and and all the mountaintops were shrouded in clouds:

The rain was only light and the dogs piled out of the car with great enthusiasm, running directly toward the pond:

Daphne and Clover wanted to get close to the water. I think they were looking for tasty goodies:

As for me, I stood there quietly and admired the peaceful waters and cloudy mountaintops:

There are often loons on Mountain Pond but I didn't see or hear any on that day. Everything was still, and everything was quiet:

When we got to Keene Valley, I had to stop and take a photo of my favorite place, this time with lots of clouds:

And just before we were to get onto the main highway, we stopped at our little campsite along the Ausable River for one last rest stop. We didn't walk down to the river this time, though. Instead, we walked the other direction into the forest:

The Papillons ran ahead while Seamus and Fergus tried to stay halfway between them and me:

Winky and Wally, as you can see, were very slow and the rest of us had to wait for them to catch up. That's my little red car parked in the woods back there, so the two old dogs hadn't made it very far:

I finally got all the dogs more or less together and turned down a side trail:

Winky, as usual, was the last to come along and the slowest. He often acts as if he thinks we're going to play some dirty trick on him. Perhaps that's what happened with his former owner (he was a rescued dog who was going to be put down because he was snappy). But he's happy now, in his own special cranky way, and having a grand time. Sometimes he even gets frisky like a puppy and bounces along the trail for short spells. But this was our last stop. I still had lots of driving ahead of me to get home:

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