Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stopping By The Deer River Flow, Part 1

I drove home from our aborted Jenkins Mountain hike and found both Winky and Wally asleep in the farm apartment, apparently unaware that we'd even even been gone. But I let all the dogs out into their fenced yard and began settling in for the night. The next morning we all left for home by way of the Port Kent Hopkinton Turnpike, that series of small Adirondack roads which was once upon a time a major means of transporting goods from Lake Champlain to the north country. I stopped when I saw this familiar sign for the Deer River Flow:

I pulled off the road onto a narrow dirt lane through the forest with the Deer River Flow on one side. It was a marvelous place to let the dogs out:

We walked away from the car investigating. Winky, as is his custom, lagged behind and needed to be urged forward:

Running Clubmoss grew all over the ground - or at least where it could find spaces between the fallen tree limbs:

And then we walked down to the Deer River Flow. It was peaceful and beautiful:

Seamus got his feet wet but apparently that was enough for him on that damp day:

There was evidence of a lot of beaver activity, not at all surprising I suppose:

I could see out over the flooded fields of the Deer River Flow to conifer forests not far beyond:

It was raining lightly that day and the trees gave us some protection as the dogs and I investigated the forest:

We walked the dirt lane for a bit and then all got back into the car to continue our drive home:

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