Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stopping At The Old Adirondack Frontier Town

Another Sunday, another trip up to the farm with all six dogs. We took the Northway (Rt 87) from Albany up to Exit 29, where I got off at the abandoned tourist trap, Frontier Town. There were no "POSTED" signs and I had noticed previously that local folks used the property for recreation:

I pulled into the parking lot, noting the former headquarters. I suppose it was a hotel and souvenir shop back when it was operating:

Daphne was excited. She could tell we were headed for an adventure:

At the far end of the parking lot was a small lane leading back into the woods and I turned down it:

This must have been Frontier Town's jail once upon a time:

There was a local family back there teaching their young children to ride motor bikes on the road (not, thankfully, in the woods) and another young family bicycling. As for me, I pulled off into the woods, let the dogs out and discovered the Schroon River and its sandy banks. Fergus and Clover ran and played with great merriment:

Seamus waded into the water for a cooling off and a refreshing drink of mountain water:

The younger dogs ran down the shoreline for a bit and then ran all the way back:

Daphne and  Clover were simultaneously wrestling and running while blind old Wally trotted slowly behind them:

The youngsters almost went in with Seamus but then changed their minds:

Winky resisted coming down the sand hill to the water's edge, but once I'd coaxed him down there he seemed to be having a great time:

But of course this was only a brief rest stop and we soon had to return to the car. Winky again resisted and I had to coax him back to the car. Once all the dogs were loaded up and I'd counted heads, we set out on Blue Ridge Road past the Adirondack Buffalo Company toward the town of Newcomb and on our way to the farm:

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