Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Along The Port Kent Hopkinton Turnpike

I was on my way home from a wonderful, active weekend up at the farm and traveling the Port Kent Hopkinton Turnpike. This is now a series of small, back roads but was a major thoroughfare through the wilderness back in the 1800s. Even though it was early May, the deciduous trees had still not leafed out and I had wonderful views of the nearby Adirondack mountains. Clearly there was logging going on also:

I saw more mountains in every direction, mountains which are mostly hidden from view when the leaves are on the trees:

Daphne and Clover helped me watch for loons as we passed remote Adirondack ponds:

The boggy area around this pond featured fantastic Sheep Laurel in bloom last summer and crimson High Bush Blueberries last fall:

The Papillons were alert and seemed to be enjoying the scenery as much as I was:

I stopped the car and got out to take a picture. There is so very little traffic on this seasonal road that I just stopped in the road. There are no shoulders anyway. I'll post more tomorrow:

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