Friday, June 29, 2012

The Farm Country Of Edwards, New York

It had been a magnificent Monday up at the farm, beginning with hiking the Wolf Lake Loop Trail (see preceding posts). The dogs and I were tired and enjoying the air conditioned comfort of the car as we traveled the county roads back toward home. We'd driven through the small town of Edwards and I was particularly enamored of the lovely farm country we were encountering:

This flat land looked like it stretched on forever, which seemed odd as it was adjacent to the Adirondack mountains:

Big modern farms, old fashioned farms, this would be a fine place to live and raise cattle:

This was truly big sky country:

It appeared that hay was the primary crop here, providing me with glorious rural scenery:

This field was recently prepared for planting:

Here and there were small homes, apparently owned by folks who were not farmers themselves but loved living in such rural loveliness:

Silos lifted up into the big sky wherever I looked:

A hay field ready for cutting:

An old stone house. Was this built of the famous Potsdam Sandstone?:

And a large and modern high school. Apparently their children's education is a high priority here. I really loved this countryside tour. The next small town was Russell. I'll post about that tomorrow:

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