Sunday, June 10, 2012

The "Road" To Madawaska Pond

I was on my way to the farm and had decided to drive to the trail head for Madawaska Pond along the way as a rest stop for the dogs and to investigate it as a potential hike for the next day. It was a 5.9 mile one-lane gravel road (actually, a twisting series of roads with many turns) through near wilderness to get there, but I made it without getting lost. I intended to walk to the pond but quickly discovered that it was farther than I'd realized and old Winky and Wally wouldn't make it. Besides, the black flies were out. So I began returning back toward the highway:

But the road through the forest was so lovely that I soon pulled onto a grassy spot and let the dogs out to play. Blind old Wally had a fine time:

And crabby old Winky enjoyed his romp in nature:

This clearing may have been the site of a cabin once upon a time. It made a great rest stop for us:

Fergus went right into the woods:

Little Clover went - well, everywhere!:

Wally may be old and blind, but he's still capable of a bit of playful romping:

I called the pooches back toward the car:

And got them all loaded back inside:

The 5.9 mile road back to the highway was filled with scenic views of wetlands, mountains and forests. I decided to return the next morning to hike to Madawaska Pond. But I'll post about that later:

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