Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tupper Lake - The Lake, Not The Town

I was traveling up to the farm and had taken a new route, beginning on Blue Ridge Road. I traveled through the towns of Newcomb and Long Lake and then north to the town (and the lake) of Tupper Lake. I pulled off the road into the parking area of the boat launch:

Tupper Lake stretched out before me, shimmering in the morning light. A small boat with two people and a large dog floated out in the open waters:

But I turned my attention to the grassy area on which I was standing, beginning with this Red Admiral butterfly resting on a Dandelion blossom:

And wild strawberries in bloom:

And Dandelions. If they were difficult to grow instead of invasive, people would be lovingly cultivating them in pots and greenhouses, developing new varieties and forming Dandelion Lovers Societies:

And many small patches of Bluets:

Tupper Lake is very long and narrow. I could only see the area closest to me. It would have been a fine time to lauch a boat and go exploring:

But this place was too public to let the dogs out. They had to wait in the car and watch me. I'd look for another place to give them a rest stop:

I bid farewell to the lovely shoreline of Tupper Lake and continued on my way:

I investigated another boat launch area as we traveled north but concluded that this one wouldn't be a good place to give the dogs a rest stop either. So I continued on my way along Route 30:

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  1. What a wonderful post you made... the pictures are great too. the places the you've gone are wonderful.