Friday, June 8, 2012

A Stop Along The Boreas River

I just leaving the Adirondack Buffalo Company (see yesterday's post) when I had an idea. I went back inside and asked the woman at the counter where on Blue Ridge Road I might find a place to let my carload of dogs out for a run. She told me that there was a nice grassy area just up the road a piece past the "Forever Wild" lands. It was on the Boreas River and had a picnic table:

There was another vehicle parked there, but I saw no people. I guessed that they were hiking. I let the dogs out and headed for the Boreas River:

Seamus, water lover that he is, was the first to arrive at the river. Clover and Daphne went with him but couldn't hold still long enough to do much exploring:

Fergus was using the grassy area as a place to run and run and run. He had lots of excess energy built up from the long trip in the car:

But I wanted a closer view of the Boreas River. It was rather small here, so I concluded we must be near the headwaters:

The Shadblow was in bloom along the river's banks:

All four younger dogs came down to the water with me while old Wally and Winky wandered in the grass just above us:

I got a chuckle at little Clover trying to squeeze under a fallen sapling:

But this was only a rest stop, so I called the dogs back toward the car:

Winky was having a fine time investigating all the interesting sights and smells:

And so was Wally. His eyesight is almost totally gone now, but he still enjoys life very much:

But it was time to travel on. I called for the dogs to come back to the car, fastened my seat belt and continued on my way toward the farm. I'll post more tomorrow:

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  1. The mountains is very good for picnics and having fun with your family... the dogs are having a great time though... they look happy coming along.