Friday, June 22, 2012

It's Norwood, Not Norfolk, A North Country Town

We arrived at the farm in the early afternoon on a Sunday. I unpacked the groceries and turned on the water to my little apartment. I checked on the progress of the barn reconstruction and, alas, there had been none. So I decided to take a drive to two nearby towns which had confused me for some time. They are right next to each other, called Norwood and Norfolk. I left Wally and Winky snoozing in the apartment and drove northwest with the four younger dogs, arriving first at the more southerly of the duo, Norwood:

Norwood is a village in the town of Potsdam. "Town" in New York, I've learned, is like what is called a township in Ohio, a subdivision of a county. At any rate, it was filled with pleasant, well kept houses:

And picturesque churches:

A bit of filigree to ornament a fine small town home:

A woman was strolling down the road pushing a stroller while a man mowed the lawn around the old fashioned Spirea in full bloom:

A few homes were brick:

The streets were classically small town and sported American flags. This was Memorial Day weekend, but it wouldn't surprise me if the flags are displayed all the time:

I especially enjoyed the local families eating ice cream cones beneath the rainbow colored umbrellas. I made several passes by this establishment and it appeared to be doing a good business:

A white church on a residential corner:

And a small "downtown" district:

I'd been hearing train whistles ever since I entered Norwood and finally I had to stop and wait for one to pass just as we'd done when I was a boy. A man and a woman brought their young daughter down from the ice cream shop (you can see the rainbow umbrellas in the distance) just to watch the train, a Sunday afternoon entertainment for a young, small town family:

I left Norwood headed north to Norfolk, only 3-4 miles away, and halfway there passed by the Norwood-Norfolk Central School. It was modern and quite large (this only shows part of it). I've Googled Norwood and the medium income there is much higher than I've ever made, so apparently it is comfortably well situated. Next stop tomorrow - Norfolk:

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