Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's Norfolk, And It's Right Next To Norwood, New York

Norfolk is, according to Google Maps, 3.8 miles north of Norwood - so you can understand my confusion. Actually, I'd driven through Norfolk once before and gotten a negative image of the place. But I was open to correction. I passed by some small businesses on Main Street:

And a wonderful old brick hotel. I especially liked the hotel, Hotel Grande, with its colorful porch chairs, Tex-Mex restaurant and bar:

A pizza shop employee left to deliver a couple of hot pizzas while his coworker had a cigarette out on the sidewalk:

An old garage near an auto repair shop:

Friendly, well kept homes with plenty of trees:

Another old garage, a relic of bygone days:

There were larger homes also. This was not a poverty ridden town: And by the way, Norfolk, unlike Norwood, actually is a town as defined by New York State:

A few more small businesses, including a market and more American flags:

I saw this sign at the entrance to the town park and really liked the idea of a hot-dog eating contest and a hula hoop contest. Now, that's my kind of small town! I was revising my former negative opinion of the place:

Norfolk had a new, sturdy looking fire department:

And then I crossed the Raquette River, where there seemed to be a power generating plant. Potsdam, Norwood, Norfolk and Massena all sit along the banks of the Raquette River:

I passed by more pleasant homes beneath big trees and finally turned to go home. I truly enjoy exploring the area around my farm. I have found rural landscapes and small towns, larger cities, important universities and friendly people:

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