Saturday, June 16, 2012

Part 1, Coney Mountain In The Horseshoe Lake Wild Forest

The hike to Madawaska Pond (see preceding posts) was just an appetizer.The main dish was Coney Mountain, a bald peak just south of the town (and the lake) of Tupper Lake. I parked on the shoulder of Route 30 and followed the trail signs. Then I signed the trail register and began the hike:

The first thing I noticed was an abundance of Painted Trilliums. They were blooming everywhere along the trail:

The were blooming singly and in small groups, like families:

The recently constructed trail was smooth and easy to walk. I had read that it employed switchbacks so as not to be too steep:

Fern fiddle-heads had pushed up through the earth all along the trail. This was back in mid-May, but even so, the flora on Adirondack Mountains was rather late getting started compared to the rest of the state:

We passed by a number of large rocks with ferny "hair," probably glacial erratics:

The ascent was decidedly uphill even though relatively gradual. It was also quite rocky:

The dogs stopped for a drink at a mountain stream. I'd brought along iced tea for myself:

Little Clover thought this was a great place to play. But then she thinks nearly everywhere is a great place to play:

Daphne climbed up a boulder to survey the territory:

And we continued up, up and up. My problematic leg weakness from former hikes was so far not a problem and I was feeling great:

All four dogs stopped along the trail for a happy rest, giving me their best smiles. I'll post more tomorrow:

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