Monday, June 4, 2012

Stopping By The Deer River Flow. Part 2

We were on our way home, the dogs and I, from a weekend at the farm and I'd pulled off the road into a forest alongside the Deer River Flow. The forest, the water and the mountains in the distance were all lovely, but I also took the time to stop and look down at the smaller beauties around my feet. There were mosses, lichens, Partridgeberry and what looked to me like newly emerged conifer seedlings:

The "flow" itself consisted of multiple boggy ponds surrounded by forest:

And all of it wild and unspoiled:

The dogs and I walked back up to the narrow dirt lane and began investigating:

Fergus kept a close watch on me:

And Clover, independent as always, walked on ahead. I believe that small black and white spot even farther ahead was Wally. He's nearly blind, so I have to keep a close watch for him lest he wander away:

And then, just for the fun of it, we entered the woods and explored a bit:

By the time we were finished, Wally had made his way all the way back to us and I knew it was time to get all of them back into the car:

I got all six dogs loaded up into the car, counted them several times to put my mind at ease that no one had been forgotten, and continued on our journey home:

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