Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Beautiful Little Town Of Edwards, New York

After our big adventure hiking the Wolf Lake Loop Trail, we were all exhausted but happy to be sitting in a comfortable, air conditioned car once again. I'd driven through the town of Edwards on the way to the trail head and been very impressed but hadn't taken any photos. I decided to remedy that on my trip back home:

Edwards sits southwest of Potsdam and Canton on the great northern plain just above the Adirondacks. It's great, flat farm country yet also a next door neighbor to the Adirondack mountains. As I pulled into town, I saw a man on his front porch, apparently just watching the (infrequent) cars pass by:

Edwards was a very small town but did have a bit of a business district: Notice the sign for their nearby neighboring towns of Russell and Fine:

They had an impressive Town Hall:

A few houses, a few store fronts:

A purple and pink home with a brick red roof:

Old, well kept homes with Spirea blooming out front:

And big, wrap-around porches:

Picturesque churches:

And their own Post Office:

The "downtown" had a row of stores, apparently with apartments above them:

And a magnificent library. But the most impressive part of Edwards to me was the surrounding farm country. I'll post some photos of that tomorrow:

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